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BrightClan Roleplaying Wiki is a warrior cats RP wiki. The Clan can be added to by anyone.


No Sparkle Cats

Normally I wouldn't object to sparkle cats, but this is warriors, so I'n going to have to ask you to stay away from "Mochapelt is a brown cat with neon green spots who can't get hurt and farts rainbows" on this wiki.

No Swears

Swearing is just wrong on a wiki such as this one, if you have to, stick to Mouse Dung and such.

Don't be mean

You can be mean as part of a roleplay, but no saying "your cat sucks" out of nowhere.

No using other people's RP characters

You can make a private fanfiction of them and not post it, but you can't take someone else's RP character, write a fanfic, and post it on the wiki

This wiki is not for cats from the books.

You can use them sparingly in fanfictions, but this site is for Warriors OCs.

Guidelines for uploading pictures

You can upload these kinds of pictures on the wiki:

  • Any picture that you will use on your profile page
  • A picture one of the admins gave you permission to upload
  • Suggestions for territory pictures
  • Fanfic illustrations
  • A picture for any page you made
  • Admins are free to upload any pictures

No: Rumors, gossip, trolling.

this goes without saying, but some people are jerks so I'll put this here~

Guidelines for what you can do along the lines of mates etc.

  • NO sexual content. I don't mind if you lightly imply it, but if anybody heavily implies or actually RPs sexual content, they will be BANNED.
  • You can flirt or crush without the other person's permission. However, you can't just jump in and say OK WE'RE MATES unless someone has said so. This means your cat can even ask them to be their mate. But don't come squealing if the other cat says no, it's righ here that says you're ALLOWED to.
  • Don't say no harshly. That might hurt the real person's feelings, not just the cat's.

No vandalization

Just no. Also no editing pages unless:

  • you're an admin with permission from ME, Spotty
  • there's a typo
  • it's your cat's page or your page
  • Or you are me, the founder, aka Spotty.
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