Dawnpaw (kind of)



Hey, this is Spotty. I'm making this page because

a) I'm bored


b) I want to show you guys the kind of fanfic you can write on this wiki.

One: DawnpawEdit

Dawnpaw trudged through the forest. She couldn't sleep. Her leg was better, but she still dragged it behind her. It wasn't completely better, and she didn't want to be stuck out here. She got to the basking rocks and heaved herself onto one of the rocks. She watched the lake lap at the edges of the ground and sighed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a black pelt with white dapples slip through the oak woods.

"Nightpaw?" She called, shivering. The night was suddenly windy. She crept off of the rock and towards the forest. "Nightpaw." She sounded exasperated. "Come out. I know you're there."

"No, I'm not here!" a muffled laugh came from behind a tree and Nightpaw slipped out. "You caught me. Now what are you doing out here?"

"I can't sleep." Dawnpaw sighed.

"Same here. Wanna talk?" He asked.

"Okay." Dawnpaw nodded and headed to the basking rocks.

Two: NightpawEdit

Nightpaw padded after Dawnpaw. She heaved herself onto a rock and sat in her slightly awkward way. Nightpaw leaped up beside her and wrapped his fluffy tail around Dawnpaw, sheilding her from the wind.

"Nightpaw..." she whispered in an inquisitive way, a way that surprised Nightpaw.


"Can I trust you with..." She hesitated. "A secret?"

"Of course. We're friends."

"Sometimes... I wish we were more than friends." Dawnpaw murmured, and she looked down at her small black paws.

"Me- me too."

To be continued.


If I feel like it.